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Academic Affairs Committee

Chair: Alexander Engelsman

The Academic Affairs Committee handles all academic-related issues that involve students on campus.  The committee serves as the students' representative voice at faculty, Board of Trustees, and other administrative meetings. Our most recent work includes evaluating the proposed revisions to our current Honor Code.

Budget Management Committee

Chair: Sarah Berkowitz

The BMC ensures efficient management of Student Senate funds, documents all financial transactions and allocates funds to Student Senate's recognized organizations. The BMC advises Student Senate concerning proposals for additional funds. The BMC also educates Senate recognized organizations as to the policies of Financial Services and fiscal responsibility.

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Senate Policy Committee

Chair: Pat McKenna

The Senate Policy Committee (POLCOM) is charged with reviewing all constitutions of clubs and organizations as well as the Constitution of the Student Senate.  The Senate Policy committee is responsible for reviewing all language and drafts of Senate resolutions.  Also, the committee is charged with dealing with all grievances and serves as the investigatory arm of the Senate.

College Life Advisory Committee

Co-Chairs: Kate Helmstetter and Alex Xie

The College Life Advisory Committee works closely with the College Life Office to offer feedback on policies developed by the office. CLAC holds in depth discussions on campus issues that are of concern to the students in an attempt to find ways to make changes and improvements. The group reviews campus programming to offer insight and continue to help improve college policies.

Public Relations and Programming Committee

Chair: Anna Burns

The purpose of Events Planning is to create and promote school spirit through Student Senate activities. When necessary, the committee should work with the Campus Activities Board and Senate Recognized Organizations to support event planning and programming around campus. The committee is also responsible for organization of internal events held by Senate.The Public Relations Committee works to announce and publicize all Student Senate activities around campus. Our means of communication usually include creating posters, flyers, mailbox flyers, chalk signs, sheet signs, newspaper articles in the Gettysburgian, campus digest postings, Senate website posting, and WZBT ads. These services can be utilized by all Senate recognized clubs and organizations.

Information Technology Committee

Chair: August Umholtz

The Information Technology Committee is to work closely with Gettysburg College's Information Technology division in providing student input in regards to the electronic services offered by the college.  The committee is charged with voicing the opinions and concerns of students and for educating as well as informing the community on the IT Division of the college. The chair also serves as the Senate's representative on the Board of Trustees Information Technology Committee.

Student Safety & Regulations Committee

Chair: Callie Fucarino

The primary role is to create open communication between the Department of Public Safety and the student body by giving complaints, suggestions and compliments both to students and the Department. We strive to make campus a better place to live. It is the responsibility of the committee to correspond with the Public Safety Liaison and invite him/her to the committee meeting.

Career Liaison

Chair: Katherine Cramer

Diversity Committee

Chair: Melanie Pangol

Sustainability Committee

Chair: Andrew Fitzsimmons

The Sustainability Committee is to work closely with the GRASS Committee and the College's Administration to promote awareness of the community's impact on the environment and is charged with educating the campus in regards to initiatives that can help make Gettysburg a more green establishment.

Opinions Committee

Chair: Micheal Mancuso