Your telephone will ring 4 times, if no one answers, the call will transfer to voicemail.  Voicemail gives the caller the option of sending a message to your personal voice mailbox.  The voicemail system is called Call Pilot.

How to log in to the Voicemail System 

7400                Dial the CALL PILOT number (From off campus, dial 717-337-7400)
            Enter the 5 digit mailbox number followed by the # key
    Enter the password followed by the # key (Your Temporary Password is 337 Your mailbox

The First Time You Log On You Will Be Forced To Change Your Password

84                     Dial this command to change your password
          Enter the OLD or temporary password followed by the # key
xxxxxx#           Enter the NEW password followed by the # (new password must be at least 6 characters)
xxxxxx#           Enter the NEW password followed by the # to confirm

Recording Your Name (Personal Verification)

Record your name (eg. "Monica Smith"). The caller will hear this when they first access your mailbox, so they know they have the correct mailbox.

829        Enter the "personal verification" command
           To record. Then state your name, then
#            To stop recording

Recording Internal, External and Temporary Greetings

 You can have up to three different greetings.

82         Enter greeting command
          Enter 1 to set your external greeting.

The external greeting is what an off campus caller hears.   For example "Hello, I'm not in the office right now. Please leave your name and number, and a short message so I can return your call."

2             Enter 2 to set your internal greeting.

The internal greeting is what an on campus caller hears.  For example "Hi, this is Monica. I'm probably in class, so leave a message." 

3           Enter 3 to set your temporary greeting.

You can switch to this greeting for special occasions, such as when you go home on break.  For example "Hello, I am on Spring Break and will return on March 18th. Please leave a message." 

5          To start recording, speak your greeting, then
         To stop recording
         To listen to your recorded greeting

       To delete your recorded greeting

Playing Messages

 After logging-in, voicemail announces the number of new, unheard messages.

2          To play message
          Go to next message
4           Go to previous message
#          To pause during playback
1           To skip back (5 second increments)
3          To skip forward (5 second increments)
76         To delete message
72         To hear extra information about the message.

Replying to Messages

71         While listening to a message, enter 71 to reply to the message. When replying to a message,
             the sender gets a voicemail back from you.
         Or the Reply All command
5           Record your reply to the message
#           Stop Recording
79         Press 79 to send the reply. If you don't press 79 the message will not be sent.

To Forward a Message You Have Received  

You can forward a voice mail message to other. Go to the message you received in your mailbox.

73            Enter the "forward message" command
    Enter the list of mailboxes, separated by # s

Express Messaging  

This is a fast way to leave a message in someone's mailbox:

7484         Dial the Express Messaging number.  From off campus dial 717-337-7484.
xxxxx#     Enter the mailbox you wish to send a message to
#              Record your message then press #

You can also use Express Messaging to transfer a call to somebody else's voice mail. 

While you are talking to the person you want to transfer to voicemail, briefly push down the switch hook. This is called "hook flashing". You will hear a dial tone.

Dial 7484   The number for Express Messaging
xxxxx         Dial the Mailbox number that you want to transfer the call to, then hang up to transfer the call.

The caller can then leave a message.