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German is more than the language of Europe's largest economy. It's the gateway to a brilliant culture and rich history. We open that gateway by working closely with students in all courses and providing study-abroad programs, technological resources, and co-curricular activities.

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We often think of fairy tales as only childhood stories, yet remnants of fairy tales permeate our every day culture.

“We talk about how magical they are,” said German Studies Prof. Laurel Cohen. “That also means that they may contain social paradigms that we try to get away from, but they are so ingrained. They have a hold on us – why do we keep coming back to them?”

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Interdisciplinary teaching and research with Prof. Kerry Wallach

Kerry WallachLike many Gettysburg students, German Studies Prof. Kerry Wallach had an interdisciplinary college major and has worked across disciplines ever since. Her primary fields are German, Jewish, and Gender Studies; the broader label Cultural Studies brings together her areas of interest.

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