• Emily Hauck '14 gains lifelong passion for immigration issues

    Emily Hauck '14 gains lifelong passion for immigration issues. Read more.

International Affairs Program

International Affairs (IA) is a dual major program that offers students an opportunity to understand the factors and forces that have shaped the contemporary world. The program covers all facets of international relations.

International Affairs is offered only as a dual major.

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Student Profile

SpencerFirst Swahili, now Arabic: Spencer King ’19 is passionate about language.

“I remember after my first Arabic class at Gettysburg, I called my mom and dad and said, ‘this is what I want to do for the rest of my life—speak this language.’ ”

You could say the linguistic passion was instantaneous for Spencer King ’19. King is already fluent in English and Swahili. That makes Arabic his third language—and possibly the toughest to learn.

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InternshipAt Gettysburg, 80% of students complete at least one internship or intensive career exploration experience by the time that they graduate. Obtaining an internship isn’t only an integral part of developing a successful career plan, but many students use these experiences to launch their first job post-graduation.

So how do they do it?

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