David Brennan

As Deputy to the President at Harvard, Bob has been involved in key decisions the university has made about strategy, policy, and student life. This wide variety of experiences at such a remarkable institution, coupled with his passion for teaching and the liberal arts, translates into the type of leader we need at Gettysburg College. Bob is insightful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and inquisitive and is equipped to move Gettysburg College forward.
-David Brennan, ’75, P’00, Chair, Gettysburg College Board of Trustees

Charlie Scott

Throughout the search process, the Presidential Search Committee remained cognizant of the capabilities and characteristics that were brought forward through input from the College community. We firmly believe that Bob embodies the qualities that are important to the community and I’m confident that Bob, together with a strong leadership team that he is sure to attract, will propel Gettysburg forward.
-Charlie Scott ’77, P’09, P’12, Executive Vice Chair, Gettysburg College Board of Trustees

Larry Bacow

Bob Iuliano is one of the most talented leaders with whom I have ever been privileged to work. He cares deeply about students and undergraduate education. He is a gifted teacher and a fabulous leader. He also is incredibly decent, principled, and humble. Gettysburg has chosen well.
-Larry Bacow, President, Harvard University

Drew Gilpin Faust

Bob Iuliano’s wisdom, humaneness, and dedication to the mission of higher education have strengthened Harvard over more than two decades. Congratulations to Gettysburg College for its brilliant selection of this remarkable leader and wonderful human being.
-Drew Gilpin Faust, President Emerita, Harvard University

Janet Morgan Riggs

I was thrilled when I received the news that Bob Iuliano will be Gettysburg’s next president. He has devoted almost all of his professional life to higher education and has experience in a wide variety of areas that are of critical importance in today’s higher ed world. In addition, he has had years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students. Bob’s skills and experience, combined with his warm personality and devotion to the values of a liberal arts education, make him an exceptional choice, and I am looking forward to supporting his transition to Gettysburg. My personal thanks to the Presidential Search Committee for bringing this process to such a successful conclusion!
-Janet Morgan Riggs ’77, President, Gettysburg College

Lauren Wise Bright

Thoughtful, skilled in driving change, passionate about liberal arts, and committed to student success. These attributes, as highlighted by the College community, guided the work of the Presidential Search Committee and are just a few of the reasons that I support this recommendation for Gettysburg College’s 15th president. I look forward to serving the College under the leadership of Bob Iuliano and I am excited about all that lies ahead for our institution!
-Lauren Wise Bright ’90, Gettysburg College Board of Trustees

Larry Walker

I am very pleased that Bob will be joining us as our 15th president. Gettysburg College has grown into one of the nation's truly highly selective liberal arts colleges. Bob's passion for the liberal arts and his demonstrated commitment to excellence at Harvard will help him to build upon the tremendous work of his predecessor, Janet Morgan Riggs ’77, in advancing our College’s commitment to academic excellence and the continued rise of our College as one of the nation's premier liberal arts institutions.
-Larry Walker ’76, Gettysburg College Board of Trustees

Marsha Hoffman Comegno

Bob’s passion for the liberal arts and his belief in the education of the whole person, as well as his commitment to diversity and inclusivity as a path to excellence, demonstrates his thoughtful approach to higher education. He brings firsthand experience into the education and engagement of a campus community on creating a climate of inclusivity. He is innovative in his pursuit of excellence in higher education through technology and strategic thinking. Bob’s dedication to the acceptance and belonging of all, combined with his knowledge and experience in many aspects of higher education, will help lead Gettysburg College to further distinction in the future.
-Marsha Comegno ’94, Gettysburg College Board of Trustees

Sarah Tokar

I am ecstatic to have Bob Iuliano on our team as Gettysburg College’s 15th president! Throughout the search process, Bob has been nothing short of impressive in his knowledge, passion, and excitement towards Gettysburg. Our campus community is lucky to have such a winning personality to help us take on the next chapter of our school’s history, and I can’t wait to see what Bob is able to accomplish with the College in the coming years.
-Sarah R. Tokar '19

Sahana Mukherjee

I am so pleased to welcome Bob Iuliano to the College as our next president! He is a visionary and collaborative leader who has a deep commitment to the liberal arts, and Gettysburg’s values of academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, and socially responsible citizenship. I am excited to introduce him to our community, and I truly look forward to working with him in the coming years.
-Sahana Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Gettysburg College

Char (Charles) Weise

I am excited to welcome Bob Iuliano as Gettysburg College’s 15th president. Bob’s wealth of experience, strategic vision, and passion for the liberal arts make him the ideal person to lead the College in the challenging years ahead.
-Char Weise, Professor of Economics, Gettysburg College

Alvaro Kaempfer

Bob Iuliano struck me as a detailed, experienced, and pragmatic thinker to lead Gettysburg College to its new chapter. He is fully aware of the enormous difficulties faced by liberal arts institutions and motivated by our institutional and historical traditions to take on the imperative efforts we need to put in place to keep it academically and financially viable. My impressions are that he embraces the demographic, financial, and curricular changes shaping higher education to project a liberal arts education as a vital, creative, interdisciplinary, and necessary learning experience to educate the agents, leaders, and participants of a rapidly changing world. Bob is moved by inclusive dialogues and thoughtful, innovative steps, to improve our academic offerings, not only to satisfy national expectations, but also to respond to global opportunities.
-Alvaro Kaempfer, Professor of Spanish, Gettysburg College

Darrien Davenport

As a member of the Presidential Search Committee, I had the opportunity to discuss the prospect of Gettysburg College’s future under Bob’s leadership and was not only impressed with Bob’s depth of higher education knowledge,but also his firm handle on the challenges and opportunities facing Gettysburg College. Bob embodies the greatness we expect as an institution and the intuition to know that the people of Gettysburg College are its greatest asset. I believe that we are headed for exciting times at Gettysburg College.
-Darrien Davenport, Executive Director, Office of Multicultural Engagement, Gettysburg College